Giovenzana, restarting from innovation

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Giuseppe Sito, Italian Country Sales Manager di Giovenzana

Slowing down without ever stopping, taking advantage of the forced break for a high-speed restart. This is the Giovenzana International B.V.’s approach to the lockdown period due to Covid-19, which affected the global economy in the first part of 2020 and beyond. “Giovenzana, a historical reality, famous in the world for its safety components – says Giuseppe Sito, Giovenzana Italian Country Sales Manager, pictured -, has never stopped, but has been affected by the sudden drop in demand and the consequent crisis spread across all continents. Now the company is looking forward to relaunching its activities, focused on the tradition of Made in Italy and not only. The restart is driven by innovation: the future cannot just wait, but must be anticipated, providing the market with new products, the result of great research, increasing sustainability, high performance and safety, for those who use them in the maintenance field.”

But you can’t win on your own: this is why the company has been promoting synergies with important partners for years, leading to the creation and enhancement of technologically competitive products in a growing number of markets. This is the spirit at the core of ‘Connecting People’: the event organized with other Italian companies, between 2018 and 2019 with stops in Dubai, Istanbul, Moscow and Sao Paulo (Brazil), to promote the excellence of Made in Italy for the elevator field in the world.

Today, more than ever, companies must rethink fundamentally what creates value, what new projects to undertake and also what role digital innovation can play in structuring a new future. It is essential to design new ways of  behaviour that, with an open mind and a proactive perspective, help to look ahead.

This is the spirit driving Giovenzana International B.V. in a new exciting challenge: joining other companies of Italian excellence in the creation of the JOiiNT Lab, a joint laboratory between the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Intellimech Consortium (private consortium of companies focused on interdisciplinary research in the mechatronics field), starting this September at the ‘Kilometro Rosso’ in Bergamo (Italy), to develop projects on robotics and artificial intelligence in the industrial field.

Another important step following the crisis is the activation of a new digital process. The lockdown period has certainly had an impact in terms of digitalization, also for those companies that, like Giovenzana, have never stopped working. The needs and management methods have changed, and even companies with a more traditional character have approached new more advanced communication and plant management systems.

The Covid-19 has made us think about how we can overcome our limits thanks to digitization. Not an escape from reality, but an augmented reality thanks to a synergy of technologies that protect us and help us progress at the same time. And it is from a digital renewal that we need to start again, from new tools to dialogue with customers in real time while maintaining customer loyalty and encouraging customer care.

Some products of Giovenzana International B.V.

Giovenzana, one of the main actors of JOiiNT Lab

Artificial intelligence and robotics: the industrial revival of the country starts again from Bergamo (Italy).
It is called JOiiNT Lab, the joint laboratory between the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Intellimech, a research consortium for mechatronics.

Besides Giovenzana, there are 8 member companies: ABB, Brembo, Cosberg, Elettrocablaggi, Fassi, SDF, SIAD and Valtellina.

The laboratory, starting in September 2020, will develop robotics and artificial intelligence projects in the industrial field. The 5.2 million euro investment will involve the employment of 15 researchers, with the support of other specialised personnel (for a total of about 25 operators).

JOiiNT Lab is the place where IIT technologies and business needs meet. In the context of phase 3 of the health emergency, the joint laboratory is configured as a tool to speed up the innovation process of the industrial system. Among the first objectives, the development of an Embodied Artificial Intelligence (EAI) platform, which will be applied in the field according to the indications of the companies participating in the project.

Subsequently, it will be possible to develop technologies to be applied to different manufacturing sectors, mainly
in the following fields: manipulation, remote control, handling, exoskeletons, vision systems.

New smart working methods for the remote control of industrial plants are also being studied so that, in the event of a new health emergency, production activities can be kept operational, without risks for workers and reducing the negative impact on the economic fabric of the country.