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Today Giovenzana International B.V. celebrates 70 years on the market of industrial safety solutions.
With a view to growth, Giovenzana has begun to lay the foundations for the future with various partnerships, synergies and investments aimed at technological innovation.

Giovenzana starts from research aimed at innovation with the investment in the JOiiNT LAB project, the joint laboratory born from the agreement between the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Intellimech, Consortium of mechatronic research promoted over 10 years ago by Kilometro Rosso and Confindustria Bergamo. JOiiNT LAB is aimed at technology transfer and creating a synergy between the world of research and industrial needs.Intellimech and IIT are supported in this initiative by Confindustria Bergamo, Kilometro Rosso and the University of Bergamo.

In direct support of the joint laboratory there are nine companies belonging to the Intellimech Consortium: ABB, Brembo, Cosberg, Elettrocablaggi, Fassi, Giovenzana International, SDF, SIAD, Valtellina that guide the innovation processes and provide the application contexts for the technologies developed in the laboratory.


Massimo and Luca Giovenzana

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Interlift 2022, the video interview with Massimo Giovenzana

The Giovenzana Use Case in Joiint Lab?


Ready for the next Connecting People

Flexible and easily reconfigurable robotic stations: a feasibility study of the application of teaching and learning algorithms to collaborative robots to improve the flexibility of the workstation and simplify its programming.

We are also Resident Partner in Kilometro Rosso.

A new working team, the new Digital Innovation Department, has settled at the Study and Development office in the Innovation District of Kilometro Rosso, the ecosystem of innovation where great ideas become business.

Kilometro Rosso is one of the main European innovation districts. The meeting place between research and business: a functional structure to generate synergies between business activities, research centers, laboratories, professional services and higher education.

Kilometro Rosso operates in an open logic, according to the Open Innovation model: the development of synergies between different skills allows to reduce development time and transfer innovative solutions to the market. Living this reality means promoting the growth of a district of knowledge, innovation and the most advanced technologies, feeding an ecosystem of innovative companies, scientific institutions and laboratories.

We are predisposed to synergy, in order to share to innovate and compete in the world.

For this reason, we create a close relationship with the customers to whom we offer a complete sales and after-sales service. We create strong partnerships daily with other companies in our business sectors that allow us to expand our product range and develop quality by spreading the right expertise.

The Giovenzana is ready and in motion for growth aimed at innovation and future while always maintaining strong its mission: Safety first!

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Interlift 2022, the interview with Martin Keller (Giovenzana International B.V.)