Giovenzana International B.V. New emergency call equipment!

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Small work of art with fantastic technology. This is the unifying theme that runs throughout the history of the lift company Giovenzana International B.V. The family business – today in its third generation – is active in four sectors: in the lift industry, Handling System industry, the automation sector and also in the field of industrial control accessories. Giovenzana International B.V. has been regarded from the start as a key partner in shaping application standards for components of the car roof and shaft floor. In the course of recent years, the company has made a great contribution to the development and application of the new European standards EN81.20 and EN81.50. The company has always been regarded as a pioneer in products and technologies in the component area and as a reference point in terms of its equipment for the safety of workers and users of passenger and cargo lifts. Giovenzana recently supplemented its product range in the lift field with new light switches for bridging equipment. All products meet the international standards EN81.20 and EN81.50.

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