Giovenzana celebrates 70 years!

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Giovenzana, leader in the design and manufacture of safety solutions for elevators and escalators, celebrates its 70 years on the market.

Since 1952 a path of growth dedicated to safety.

70 years of history in constant daily search for the best and most effective response for our customers.

An enviable goal and a success to celebrate but also and above all a new departure for the future in view of innovation based on the development of a constantly evolving product.

Our capillary sales network around the world is at the service of customers every day making itself a guarantor of safety. Always our first goal!

Our management follows a policy that puts the customer at the center of the business, offering and adapting all processes to their specific needs and controlling the achievement of objectives.


Giovenzana carries out its activities implementing concepts of sustainable development, based on environmental protection and the recognition of the Quality and Environment Management System.

The design and development of its components are aligned with the guidelines dictated by the main European and international standards.

High quality in accordance with standards, guarantee of safety and dedicated technical and commercial support are our strengths.

Believe in our experience! The same high quality for 70 years!

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