Filippo Girardi, new ANIE President

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In January 2022, the ANIE Federation Shareholders’ Meeting elected Filippo Girardi (President and CEO of Midac Batteries, Verona) to lead the Federation for the next four-year period (2022-2025). Girardi was vice-president of the ANIE Federation in the previous term of office and he is currently president of ANIE CSI (Components Systems for Plants). He is also Vice-President of Confindustria Verona with responsibility for industrial relations. There are also three Vice-Presidents: Giordano Bruno, in charge of Green Transition and Sustainable Development, Renato Martire, in charge of Innovation and Education, and Vincenzo de Martino, in charge of Inter-associative Relations. “The focus of my presidency,” said the new president Girardi, “is to make Anie recognised in the country as the set of the best Italian innovation companies. Not only technological innovation but also values. We are bearers of development, research and innovation. Our companies are at the heart of the PNRR”.

Anie Federazione, with over 1,500 member companies and around 500,000 employees, represents the most strategic and advanced sector among Italian industries, with an aggregate turnover of €79 billion (of which €30 billion in exports). Anie Federazione member companies invest 4% of their turnover in research and development


Filippo Girardi