Lift SMEs across Europe are meeting in the I European Lift SMEs Congress

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European Lift SME Congress

Lift SMEs across Europe are meeting in the I European Lift SMEs Congress next 18 and 19 November, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. CET., in a historic event in the lift industry. For the first time, lift SMEs across Europe are meeting in an on-line platform equipped with simultaneous interpreting, to talk about the present and future of SMEs in the European framework and find nodes of collaboration to boost the sector.

Thanks to the sponsors that will make this meeting possible, such as MP (Platinum), Nayar Systems (Gold), Docensas (Silver) y Tier 1 (Sponsor of simultaneous interpreting into Spanish), language and on-line technical logistics will not be a problem.

Therefore, the meeting will be compatible with daily work, avoiding displacements that disconnect us from our routine tasks.

Additionally, the Congress is being organised in collaboration, with the support of the national industry associations in the various European countries (Efesme, Anacam, Vma, Anpa, Fepyma…).

This Congress opens the door for European small enterprises to make a standard use of cutting-edge communication technologies and it is a means for them to benefit from the international dimension in order to grow stronger and more modern.

Various topics will be discussed in relation to the role of lift SMEs within the European Union framework: innovation and development, the international role of SMEs and its importance in the local economy, as well as an analysis of threats and opportunities.

Participants who prove their presence in the various Congress panels will receive an attendance diploma-certificate.

Registration is open for all companies, with discounted prices for lift SMEs.

As availability is limited, we recommend registering through the form on the website: https://liftsmecongress.eu/

For companies interested in sponsoring the event, please contact the organisers by e-mail.