Elevatori Magazine’s Technical Committee grows

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New entries in the Technical Committee of Elevatori Magazine, which has always been a great support to the editorial staff by proposing technical and regulatory
contributions, food for thought or opinions on articles to be published. And it does so thanks to the commitment of the many experts in the vertical transport sector who are on board, each with their own specialisations, great experience and professionalism developed over many years of work and study in the sector.

We are very pleased to announce that, starting from this issue, the Technical Committee will be enriched by four very valuable figures coming both from the world of companies and associations, and from the academic and university world: Angelo Fumagalli, Alessandro Greco, Raffaella Lione and Fabio Minutoli.

They are all names already known to our readership for the interesting articles they wrote for Elevatori Magazine even before joining our Technical Committee.
Founder and Chairman Giuseppe Volpe, Publisher Matteo Volpe, the entire editorial staff and the experts already on the Technical Committee of Elevatori Magazine are pleased to welcome the new members who, with their knowledge and commitment, will contribute to increasing the knowledge of the vertical
transport sector and spreading its culture through the activities of one of the most important and long-lived magazines in the lift sector, which is distributed worldwide.

In these page we introduce them to our readers, who will get to know them better over time.

Angelo Fumagalli, a graduate in Nuclear Engineering, has been working at Schindler since 2009, where currently serves has Area Manager Eastern Europe. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Schindler Italia. Since 2019, Fumagalli has been President of ANIE AssoAscensori, which brings together companies operating in the design, construction of systems and components, installation, repair and maintenance of lifts, goods lifts, escalators and moving walks, stairlifts and lifting platforms. By joining the Technical Committee of Elevatori Magazine, he will contribute to the analysis of the national and international market and understanding of the most topical issues for the entire sector.


Angelo Fumagalli


Alessandro Greco

Alessandro Greco, graduated in Civil Engineering, PhD, is Professor of Technical Architecture at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Pavia (Italy). He has been researching on urban accessibility, usability of historic buildings and inclusive design. Elevatori Magazine has hosted many of his contributions on accessibility, a key topic for a barrier-free world. Thanks to his membership of the Technical Committee, we will always keep a spotlight on these topics.

Raffaella Lione, Civil Engineer, PhD, was a lecturer and researcher in the field of ICAR/10 Technical Architecture at the Department of Engineering, University of Messina (Unime), Italy. Her scientific interests range from the ʻclassicalʼ disciplinary fields to the most current ones (design for all, energy sustainability, circular construction, social housing). She is author of numerous articles, encyclopaedic entries and monographs. A leader and member of research groups, international scientific committees and editorial boards, she will bring her academic experience to the Technical Committee.

Raffaella Lione

Raffaella Lione


Fabio Minutoli, Civil Engineer, PhD, is lecturer and researcher in the field of ICAR/10 Technical Architecture at the Department of Engineering, University of Messina (Italy). He participates in and is responsible for research groups, international scientific committees, and editorial boards. His interests are mainly oriented towards the macro field of building ‘sustainability’. A researcher with knowledge of these issues will certainly to contribute to the growth of knowledge in our field.

Markets, sustainability, inclusion, accessibility and training: a wide range of topics on which the editorial team is already working together with new experts from the Technical Committee, which you will find in future issues of our magazine.