Elevatori Magazine – May/June 2020

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Bureaucracy and standards
Giovanni Varisco

Topical subjects

The lift in the time of Coronavirus
Maddalena Parotelli & Elena Colombetti

Videoconference for Beyond the Square and the X
By Federica Villa

IEE Expo Mumbai, a successful exhibition
Elena Colombetti

E2Forum, Next Level Innovation 2020
Federica Villa


The lift market in South-East Europe
Giuseppe Iotti


Traffic analyses: an accurate reflection of reality?
Emily Binnington


A template for a lift engineering course
Lutfi Al-Sharif

The protagonist for the renovation of existing buildings
Fabrizio Nicoli

Standards, laws & regulations

UNI 10411 Standards – Part 2
Giovanni Varisco


Properties in Italy
By Elevatori Staff

Letters to the Chairman

Giuseppe Volpe

News & Buzz

By Elevatori Staff

Voices from Europe

Matteo Volpe