Elevatori Magazine 6/2020 – Discover all the articles of the issue

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Elevatori Magazine 6/2020: discover all the articles of the new number

Elevatori Magazine 6/2020, the new issue of the magazine. Here is the index with all the articles you can read in this issue

Elevatori Magazine n. 6/2020

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Sometimes they do come back
Giovanni Varisco

Topical subjects

Elevatori Magazine: focused on training
Giuseppe Volpe

The new challenges of training – Part 2
Nicola Imbimbo 

UK Symposium, the new online digital edition (Click here and watch the videos)
Elena Colombetti

The future of exhibitions according to Messe Frankfurt
Maddalena Parotelli

China: one year later
Federica Villa


Problems and opportunities in the Brazilian lift market
Fábio E. Becker Aranha


Valparaíso, restoring the urban lifts
Alessandro Greco, Jaime Migone Rettig & Giorgio Pecoraro 


Lift and Escalator Management Systems – Part 2
Richard Peters & Jim Nickerson

UCMP: a protection system
Stefano Bertoni 

Standards, laws & regulations

UNI 10411 Standards – Part 5
Giovanni Varisco

EN 81-80:2019: safety improvement
Giovanni Varisco

The harmonisation of the lift standards
Giovanni Varisco


The new trends of the real estate market
By the Editorial Staff

Letters to the Chairman

Giuseppe Volpe

News & Buzz

By Elevatori Staff

Voices from Europe

Matteo Volpe

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