Elevatori Magazine – September/October 2019

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September/October 2019 contents



Lift changes
Giovanni Varisco

Topical subjects

Let’s meet in Augsburg
Matteo Volpe

In Brussels from the main entrance
Federica Villa

Anacam. Stronger and more competitive together
Maddalena Parotelli

The lift as a social small world
Gabriele Agostini

The African lift market – Part 2
Giuseppe Iotti

SME risk map
By Federica Villa

Moscow, REW 2019
Maddalena Parotelli

Liftex 2019, English or European exhibition?
Matteo Volpe

Comparing Leonardo da Vinci and Al Muradi
Bruno Ciborra

In the middle of the digital age
By Federica Villa

BIM and cybersecurity
Valentina Villa


The growth of the building industry in Europe
By Federica Villa


The consultant for the vertical transportation
Aldo Norsa & Dario Trabucco


Simulations required for statistically valid results
Maria Abbi & Richard Peters

The installation process by Artificial Intelligence
José Maria Compagni

Standards, laws & regulations

The EN 13015 standard
Giovanni Varisco

The ventilation of lifts
Rinaldo Papa

Rescue operations
Luciano Faletto & Paolo Tattoli


There is no GDP without investments!
Flavio Monosilio

News & Buzz

By the Elevatori Staff