Elevatori Magazine 2/2021:
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Elevatori Magazine 2/2021: discover all the articles of the new number

Elevatori Magazine 2/2021, the new issue of the magazine. Here is the index with all the articles you can read in this issue


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A new decade: 2021
Giovanni Varisco

Topical subjects

Construction, the pace of recovery
By Ifo Institute

Real estate in Italy, confidence in renovations
By the Editorial Staff

Porto Flavia, industrial archaeology
Federica Villa

Covid-19 tested materials
Federica Villa


Brexit afterthoughts
David A. Cooper


Post pandemic cities
Dario Trabucco


The maximum number of passengers boarding a lift
Tiina Laine & Janne Sorsa

Standards, laws & regulations

Guidance in the use of ISO 8100-32:2020 – Part 1
Gina Barney

The new UNI 10411-1 and 10411-2 standards – Part 1
Giovanni Varisco

Wire rope discard criteria: project UNI 1607593
Nicola Imbimbo


Architectural barriers: the new Superbonus tax incentive
Salvatore Nasca

Letters to the Chairman

Giuseppe Volpe

News & Buzz

By Elevatori Staff

Voices from the World

Matteo Volpe – Click here and read the article online

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