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The new editorial space of the Elevatori Magazine community

Elevatori Club is the new editorial space to give voice to the Elevatori Magazine community. A super partes place, open to the world of vertical transport and all the sectors that have to do with it. A space for dialogue, where news, ideas, opinions can be exchanged and shared to make the culture of our sector grow more and more. A real innovation!

We want the relationship between Elevatori Magazine, its readers and the whole lift industry, Italian and not only, to which the magazine has always given voice, to be even closer, personal, friendly, based on trust and mutual exchange, involving them in a democratic active participation in reporting on the wide-ranging topics of the sector: a first-hand insight into the world of lifts! We are inspired by our passion for this widespread, widely used and, in many cases, indispensable means of transport: in Italy there are more than one million lifts!

The aim is to form a community of people interested in the world of lifts, through the exchange of news, daily facts, small or big events, curiosities, ideas and considerations from all over Italy, Europe and the world. Anyone wishing to collaborate in this project is welcome to join the Elevatori Magazine community! The editorial staff will be happy to welcome and screen the texts and editorial proposals you send us.

You can participate in Elevatori Club by writing to club@elevatori.eu: with the first editorial contribution you send us, you will officially be part of the community!

Who can participate in Elevatori Club

The Elevator Magazine Club aims to give a voice to lift operators from all over the world, experts and enthusiasts in the sector. The Club is also open to sectors related to the lift sector: contributions are welcome from architects, experts who in various ways deal with the removal of architectural barriers, condominium administrators, facility managers and also from all users, who are familiar with the lift because they use it. The information we receive from Italy and around the world will be taken into consideration by the editorial staff and published on the Elevatori Magazine pages dedicated to the Club and on the magazine’s other media.


Companies and organisations that believe in Elevatori Magazine (and in the special publications linked to it) may also join the Elevatori Club and may, in this case with an economic contribution as ‘supporting sponsor’, invest in the magazine’s editorial activities with the clear intention of promoting its cultural project. All the ‘supporting sponsors’ of this project will see their logo in a space specifically dedicated to Elevatori Club in the magazine and its related media.

To become a ‘supporting sponsor’ you can write to club@elevatori.eu and express your interest: you will receive all the information.

An opportunity not to be missed!


The history of Elevatori Magazine

Elevatori Magazine has always provided information on the lift world and will continue to do so, always with great commitment. Information, in fact, is and will remain the mission that the magazine has been pursuing with passion since 1972.
All Elevatori Magazine publications can now also be found in the digital historical archive which, in more than 350 volumes available to everyone, contains more than 50 years of lift history.
In 2024, these important milestones were also joined by the prestigious recognition of Historical Trademark, awarded by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy.


The magazine will continue to disseminate market trends, scientific studies carried out by researchers and experts, to explain and deepen the regulations of the sector, to give voice to the companies that make it up, and to let the world know about Made in Italy products and more. It will continue to publish everything related to the operational activities of all lift associations operating in the territory: press releases, conferences, trade fairs and whatever else is part of their function, as well as all the results of these events.

In Elevatori Magazine we are also launching a strand dedicated to the history of the lift, a wonderful machine that, for more than a century, has been transporting people without anyone driving. Its high level of automation has always predisposed it to the artificial intelligence revolution!

Elevatori Magazine digital

Elevatori Magazine is also available in digital format and continues to expand its online presence, taking care of more and more real-time information on its website and social channels (Linkedin and Facebook), to spread news about the lift world to the widest possible audience.

Special Projects

Elevatori Magazine continues the special editorial project of the ‘How it works’ series, which has made and continues to make a strong contribution to the training of lift personnel: we have now reached issue no. 6 (dedicated to innovation and digitalisation) and in the next issues we will continue, as always, addressing topics of great interest and topicality.

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