E2 Forum Milano 2020: a networking-led event

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The third E2 Forum Milano – a biennial event for vertical and horizontal mobility in buildings and cities – lays the foundations for an even more effective networking approach for the sector. This year, the event benefits from its partnership with Anie AssoAscensori, which has promoted the event since its inception, and with Anacam, Italy’s National Association of Construction and Elevator Maintenance Companies.


A strategic alliance between these two associations on the occasion of the exhibition and conference set to take place on Tuesday, October 20, at the Sala Cavallerizze in the Leonardo da Vinci Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia. “Next Level Innovation 2020“, the claim for this year’s forum, features an exhibition area and conference schedule to promote training and debate on topics concerning elevators, escalators and building automation.

Donald Wich, Managing Director of Messe Frankfurt Italy, says: “Teaming up with these two expert, qualified partners – Anie AssoAscensori and Anacam – consolidates the E2 Forum Milano to ensure that we cater to the sector’s needs in an even more targeted way. Enhanced synergy with the supply chain through these associations offers added value to the market, creating an event that benefits a wide spread of professional groups.”

Angelo Fumagalli, President of Anie AssoAscensori says: “Despite the increasingly key role it plays in the technological and ‘smart’ upgrade of buildings and indeed entire cities, the topic of vertical and horizontal mobility remains all too often confined to an area reserved strictly for `industry insiders´. To offer a few examples, only a few people know that the elevator is the world’s most widely-used means of transport, or that an escalator can shift up to 5,000 people per hour. Even less-well known is the fact that in Italy, on average we use an elevator 1,500 times, a number only destined to grow dramatically in our densely-packed urban centres. These few facts are sufficient to realize how important it is to open up the world of vertical and horizontal transport to all actors in the supply chain, from architects who design buildings to building managers, property owners and end-users. We aim to share the industry’s latest innovations and increase elevator system levels of service, accessibility and sustainability for the benefit of all stakeholders. Anie AssoAscensori believes that it is essential to create opportunities to raise awareness about this topic, hence its promotion of the E2 Forum Milano. It is our hope that the 2020 edition of this by-now-consolidated biennial event put on by Messe Frankfurt Italia will once again be a valuable opportunity for staying abreast of developments in technology and the profession for everyone involved, as well as offering a business platform and a forum for dialogue among internationally-renowned professionals involved in the sector in their various capacities.”

Andrea Codebò, President of Anacam (Italy’s National Association of Elevator Construction and Maintenance Companies), says: “For us working together in Italy and Europe is strategic not just to stay abreast of technological innovation, but to better face the world market in this era of IoT, while taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization. Small- and medium-sized elevator companies face a challenge that will entail significant efforts. As part of this challenge, the themes tackled at the event in Milan at the Anacam National Assembly between 18 to 20 June 2020, and at the E2 Forum Milano, offer a great opportunity for learning about and discussing the issues with the greatest impact on vertical transport, which is playing an increasingly vital social role in ensuring accessibility and livability in modern urban centres.”

Towards E2 Forum Milano

E2 Forum Milano is giving its backing to two main events in the run-up to its conference/exhibition. The first, promoted by the academic world, is “Beyond the Square and the X. Vertical Mobility for Accessibility”, a conference scheduled on March 20 at the IUAV University of Venice. After that, an event in cooperation with engineers. Finally, we will be consolidating our synergies with Anacam at the association’s AGM, which is being held between 18 and 20 June in Milan.

The E2 Forum Milano calendar also spans the other Messe Frankfurt events dedicated to vertical and horizontal transport – E2 Forum Frankfurt, IEE Expo Mumbai, and E2 Forum Mumbai – as the Group’s format keeps up its very strong focus on international connections.