IGV: Aluminium & Steel, two faces of DomusLift

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Aluminium & Steel, two faces of DomusLift

IGV Group increases the range of DomusLift with the introduction of two new car versions: Aluminium and Steel. Launched also the latest release of Genius, powerful configuration software.

IGV Group glances at design with Cappellini

IGV Group, the leading Italian lift manufacturing company boasting technical expertise and “tailor-made” products, opens 2021 by announcing a series of novelties in the architectural, technological and structural fields.

The first decisive step was taken with the appointment of Giulio Cappellini as the new art director, with a view to gain a major role in the design and architecture industry. Cappellini, globally renown as an exceptional trendsetter in the design field, believes IGV has all the necessary features to revolutionise the lift system, by transforming it into a “dynamic architecture” model, where the sensory and aesthetic experience combines with the purely functional one. This choice confirms the creative approach of IGV, the first lift company following a path of radical innovation.

Michele Surie, CEO di IGV Group, con l’architetto Giulio Cappellini

Aluminium & Steel, two faces of DomusLift – DomusLift changes its face

A greater design attention is also focused on DomusLift, the lift designed to meet the needs of vertical mobility, overcoming architectural barriers in public and private buildings. DomusLift is versatile and extremely customisable, entirely Made in Italy, engineered and manufactured in the company’s Milan factory. The wide range of models for any requirements has now been further expanded with the launch of two new car versions: Aluminium and Steel.

The Aluminium car interiors are fitted with exclusive aluminium profiles defining interchangeable wall panels, so as to dress the space in an ever-changing way or to remove any visual obstacle, by choosing a fully panoramic solution.

The Steel car, on the other hand, features an essential and elegant aesthetic, where the absence of wall profiles offers maximum linearity and visual continuity, while the wide range of finishes allows for unlimited creative possibilities.

Pioneering and iconic, DomusLift has become a landmark in the home mobility sector, encapsulating the company’s long history based on research and technology, with an eye always turned to innovation. An outstanding product which is also studied down to the smallest detail without neglecting the progress towards new mechanical solutions, which further simplify the installation. Invisible from the outside, but vital in the set-up phase, the two car sling options (reverse and cantilevered) meet the needs of an ever-evolving market.

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Software updates are also important. IGV Group is now launching the latest Genius release, the powerful proprietary configurator that has always been aligned with the development of company products and solutions.

Genius is an exclusive configurator, which allows to select the various aesthetic and equipment lift solutions, providing detailed quotes, backed by the dimensional plan of the project, calculated in real time.

Genius release 7.0 is complete, intuitive and extremely user-friendly, allowing you to change the type and position of the car sling in the layout phases. The software also offers new useful features: the option to change the car with standard dimensions into one with special dimensions and the option to layout the car starting from the shaft dimensions. The tool now supports the user step by step, monitoring their actions, prompting any errors and suggesting possible changes. Genius is a native software distributed by IGV to simplify the order processing procedure.

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