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CMAandPARTNERS is generally considered as a small, but meaningful revolution in the lift industry. It was born from a co-operative effort by of five companies: CMAlifts (lift and hoist assembly – www.cmalifts.com), Dapa (lift automation – www.dapasrl.com), Ematic (control panels and emergency devices – www.ematic.it), Qualitylift (pushbutton panels, locks, remote rescue, call entre service – www.qualitylift.it) and Sicor (lifting machines for lifts – www.sicor-spa.it). These companies agreed on a common project.

An ambitious pole which is similar to a single company but offering multiple services. The leading company of this interesting initiative is CMAlifts and the administrators Giulio and Gaetano Caputo further explain this successful experiment: “We strongly wanted a solid partnership that could offer a very high quality service.

Our goal is to become a real landmark for the lift sector”. Thus, different experiences, qualified partners and a perfect match, offer the privilege of having a single reference grouping multiple production units. “All this translated into a big tour of Italy that has begun to bear fruit!” Says Vincenzo Pattavina, Dapa.

In fact, CMAandPARTNERS organizes meetings to inform sector professionals about standard news and up-to-date solutions to meet the requirements. In Trani, a very successful meeting was recently held, whose video can be viewed on their official website www.cmaandpartners.com. The event in Puglia was preceded by events in Rome, Padua, Acireale, Leinì (Turin) and Arenzano (Genoa). In addition, the meetings were enriched by the presence of an exceptional speaker, the expert Giovanni Varisco, who speaks about the topic: “The complete system and modernisations of existing systems. New regulations and new solutions.” Varisco points out that: “I have many years of experience and I have hardly seen in the past such an enthusiasm and focus on a project of this type.”

The CMAandPARTNERS tour dates go on, next events are on 28 and 29 September when regional meetings are scheduled in Emilia Romagna and Tuscany: this is a way to reach our established audience.

There are many news under way for this futuristic project which is also strongly focused on a solid MADE IN ITALY to be proposed abroad. The attention is now focused on the Interlift exhibition, probably the most important fair in Europe. There will be a large CMAandPARTNERS booth including, in addition to the products display of our individual companies, plenty of room for the initiative. “On this occasion, we are really happy to launch a CMAandPARTNERS product, a group sharing the same philosophy that will last in time”, reveals Salvatore Nasca of Ematic, while collaboration is ongoing. “We are now working together to get a common product, 100% signed by CMAandPARTNERS! The fair in Germany will be the right occasion to launch it!” Say Gianni Robertelli and Aurelio Di Gregorio of Quality Lift.

An important news in an almost static sector. “We did not expect all this consensus. Our meetings are always sold out and they are great opportunities for a professional growth and we are seriously considering the chance of expanding this initiative outside the Italian borders” says Marco Baroncini from Sicor. Thanks to a targeted action on social media, the Italian tour of CMAandPARTNERS will go on successfully. They have scheduled events in many Italian cities until 2019.


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