BST Elevator air sterilizer

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The ravage of COVID-19 estranges people from elevators or even scares them a lot. People still feel unassured and reluctant to take elevators even if they are disinfected every day. The intelligent Elevator air sterilize newly launched by BST can safeguard your health by wiping out terrible virus, bacteria and aerosol.

The intelligent elevator air purifier

Applied to elevator cabins with small space, BST Elevator air sterilizer and Purification System, with double technology in disinfection with high performance, is especially developed for the ambience of elevator, which can effectively disinfect air and cabin walls inside as well as maintain hygiene and environmental protection.

– GERMAGIC, a molecule material of slowly-released chlorine dioxide, is a powerful and non-poisonous disinfectant recommended by WHO.

– Designed with wholly-enclosed UV photo catalyst bacteria-killing technology, it permits no UV leakage and its killing rate of virus and bacteria exceeds 99%.

Disinfection in depth can reduce transmission of droplets and aerosol without side effect on human body.

It supports real-time disinfection alternating air every five minutes.

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