Anica General Assembly,
Giuseppe Volpe’s speech

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On 18 April 2023, the Anica National Assembly was held in Milan, in via Tertulliano 7. The day was divided between a morning dedicated to training and an afternoon devoted instead to internal discussions within the Association, with the Assembly proper.

During the morning there were three technical speeches: Nicola Imbimbo spoke about the novelties of the new edition of Iso 4344; Antonio Lizza focused on the guidelines for the installation of derogation systems and Davide Biffi spoke about automatic protection devices against direct and indirect contacts.

On the sidelines of the event, in front of the audience of the many Anica associates, and not only, who took part in the day, engineer Giuseppe Volpe, founder and Chairman of Elevatori Magazine and Honorary President of Anica, spoke.


Engineer Giuseppe Volpe, founder and Chairman of Elevatori Magazine at the Anica National Assembly, on 18 April 2023. Giuseppe Volpe is also Anica Honorary President 

The morning’s technical conferences, photos


Nicola Imbimbo


Antonio Lizza


Davide Biffi

Here is Giuseppe Volpe’s speech

Good morning everyone, dear friends,

I think most of you are half the age I am (lucky you), so it is appropriate to explain why I am here during the most important rite of a professional trade association, the general assembly of members.

I am one of the co-founders, with Martini and Centoducati, of the glorious Anica in 1981, I was its president and I am still its honorary president today.

In 1972 I founded the Elevatori magazine to cover the total communication and culture gap that existed in our lift sector. The three magic messages that we have been communicating with the magazine from the beginning have always been, from the foundation to today, ‘culture, communication, education’.

Since its foundation, Anica has had Elevatori magazine as its official organ. In the 40 years of Anica’s existence, Elevatori has spread everything the association wanted to communicate. Elevatori grew and became bilingual (Italian and English) in 1989. It has reached out to lift operators worldwide, promoted events, and become the official organ of many international lift associations. Anica, which has always used the pages of Elevatori, has also made the same journey of worldwide knowledge and growth.

Today we are facing an extraordinary world problem arising from the crisis of globalism, a moment of innovation in all fields. A new theme that is emerging, unforeseen and unpredictable, is the fact that, despite digitalisation, we are witnessing the revaluation of the printed page to grow business in all sectors.

I have the pleasure of informing you all of a great, revolutionary and innovative novelty that I have strongly promoted, as Founder and Editor-in-Chief: the opportunity for companies to ‘collaborate’ with the magazine in which they invest in advertising, by sending informative content to the editorial staff. Every company that advertises in Elevatori Magazine will have a space where it can tell about its products, services, events and activities. Let’s seize this great opportunity. We will be able to say for years that we were the first to seize a historic opportunity, provided by a new modus operandi.

I would like to share with you what emerges from the article ‘Newspapers and periodicals generators of value for readers and investors’, written by Valentina Iorio and appearing in Corriere della Sera on 10 March 2023: ‘Paper newspapers are still able to generate value for readers and companies. Newspapers and periodicals are perceived as authoritative and able to guarantee prestige. They also play an important role in consolidating brand engagement and building a relationship with the consumer. This is stated by a research through which the advertising agencies gathered in Fcp Assoquotidiani and Fcp Assoperiodici investigated the perception of readers of daily newspapers and periodicals and the sentiment of advertising investors. The study ‘The press beyond the press: a history of value and new perspectives’ was carried out by Kantar and presented yesterday (9 March 2023, ed.) at the Milan Chamber of Commerce’. The article goes on to say: ‘The survey, carried out through more than 4,000 interviews with readers, advertisers and agencies and through the monitoring of more than 150 newspapers, highlights how in a context characterised by a strong cross-media nature on the part of both readers and companies there is a renewed focus on the value of content. According to 86% of readers, the press is authoritative, and even 90% of advertisers perceive newspapers and magazines as such from an advertising perspective, as they are able to give credibility and reliability to the company, the brand and the context. The press contributes to strengthening a brand’s equity, i.e. the value it has managed to create. And this is something that shareholders also look at. […] In an environment where the consumer is increasingly digitised and intertwines physical and digital, companies feel the importance of exploiting different channels and expect print to be able to offer special projects and events where brands can find a space to establish themselves. Advertisers, the study points out, increasingly perceive themselves as partners of the newspaper and therefore aim to be involved in the production and amplification of advertising content, but also special releases or events. The press is perceived as a guarantor of quality, but also as an inspirer of projects and content for the advertiser and able to activate positive actions for the company’.

Photos of the day