ARE – The new frontier of energy-saving lifts

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A good and vast knowledge of the lift sector coupled with constant technological innovation, social responsibility and environmentally friendly policy, are the solid grounds on which ARE, a company that has been producing energy-saving lifts for over ten years, is based. With its Elios, Mangusta and Miniwatt products, the result of extensive research and specialization, ARE has an important position in its industry with innovative solutions for both installers and end customers. Quality, aesthetics, reliability and energy saving are certainly the most appreciated features of ARE lifts, all powered by a chopper driven gearmotor and set as MRL lifts, with a lifting machine located inside the shaft.

ARE lifts stand out for the limited power consumptions:

  • 150 Watt on 230 V mains is the maximum power for Mangusta and Miniwatt lifting platforms;
  • 300 Watt on the 230 V mains is the maximum power for the Elios lift.

This results in a further saving for the user, who is not required to upgrade his energy contract or to install a new energy counter with increased power or a three-phase line. ARE offers a specially refined aesthetic care. The platform with the Mangusta car and the Elios lift can be supplied with finishes meeting the most diverse needs, from basic and minimalistic to extremely sophisticated.

For further information: www.areascensori.it


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