Anacam 2021 Expo: physical events are back in Italy

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Anacam 2021 Expo

Great desire for recovery. This is the general climate that was very evident during the Anacam 2021 Expo – 50th National Assembly event, which took place from 25 to 27 November in Milan, in the location of Superstudio Più in via Tortona. A very evocative choice: this is in fact the reference point of the Fuorisalone and, therefore, of the Italian style of living.

On the occasion of the Anacam congress, organised in grand style to celebrate the association’s 50th anniversary, the sector’s operators finally met again in presence, after the long stop to events due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

With 1,300 participants and 54 exhibiting companies, the three-day Anacam 2021 Expo featured seminars and panel discussions on elevator-related topics and presentations of products and services. An opportunity to meet colleagues and customers and to establish new partnerships.

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Anacam 2021 Expo

National Assembly and events

Anacam representatives took turns on stage, including the national president Andrea Codebò, Roberto Corradini (national secretary), Michele Mazzarda (Anacam Service president) and Dante Pozzoni (one of the Association’s board members).


During the three days there were also sessions for technical and regulatory updates on topical issues such as the invoice discount and superbonus, industry trends, BIM, the latest technical standardisation and safety in lifts and at work. Six Italian experts who are members of EFESME also updated the audience on how the work in the different Commissions is progressing: Massimo Bezzi (EFESME President), Elettra Bilibio (EFESME Policy Advisor), Marco Cogliati (EFESME/SBS Expert in ETSI – TC SmartM2M), Tiziano Caresani (EFESME/SBS Expert in CEN TC10/WG13 and in the Commission Expert Group on Machinery), Ivan Ferrarini (EFESME/SBS Expert in CEN TC10/WG1 and in CEN TC10/Task Force Harmonised Standards) and Luciano Faletto (EFESME Secretary General – EFESME/SBS Expert in ISO TC178 WG4-WG6-WG10).

Anacam 2021 Expo, pictures

Anacam 2021 Expo was an opportunity to start again together, as the organisers’ claim states: ‘Back on track, more united than ever’.

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Here below we publish a series of pictures taken during the event Anacam 2021 Expo – 50th National Assembly – Photo © Elevatori Magazine.

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