Alberto Sassi, 75 years of innovation

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We have been in the lift market since 1946 and still today we carry on the same mission that the founder, Mr. Alberto Sassi, undertook with passion and courage, anticipating the times and believing in the development of the lift industry.

Today Alberto Sassi S.p.A. is part of the Sassi Holding, a group of companies specialized in the design and supply of products, services and solutions for the movement of lifts all over the world.


Geared machines have always been our flagship. Our gearless are known and appreciated everywhere. The Alberto Sassi brand, and even before the historic Astor, have always been synonymous with quality and reliable technology. Thanks to the deep attention to market developments, we have constantly expanded the offer of gearboxes and gearless.

Our customers know that Alberto Sassi products are entirely ‘Made in Italy’, designed and manufactured in the Valsamoggia headquarters (Bologna, Italy) which is located in the heart of the Italian ‘motor valley’.


“Bene factum” (done well): product reliability has always been our motto and, to obtain it, each component of our machines is designed, developed and tested to achieve maximum performance.

We always put the customer at the center. We are a team with a common goal: to offer advanced, efficient and safe solutions, innovation, personalized technical advice and quality of service. In the Technical Team, engineers and specialised technicians do their utmost to follow the evolution of the market and make available all the documentary supports (certifications, technical reports) necessary to comply with the ongoing regulations.


The Sales Department is always close to our customers to fullfill their needs, which become an opportunity for further developments. The fast and punctual After-sales Service Team supports customers in the stages following the supply. The resources involved in production, attentive to details, work under the guidance of highly experienced and trained supervisors.

The value of continuity, in which we strongly believe, is still expressed today at the Top Management that guides the company. The Top Management is in fact represented by the descendants of the founder who, with dedication and, commitment, project the company towards future goals.


The growth of the past few years also supports us in this difficult international situation. We look to the future with optimism and determination to respond to the challenges of the cities of tomorrow. The goal is to contribute with our solutions for vertical and horizontal mobility to make urban centers more accessible and sustainable, transforming them into intelligent and functional places, keeping the person at the center.


We wanted to innovate, in the wake of tradition, one of our most classic models: the MODY gearbox, completely renovated, is now available with an AC2 motor, in addition to the already popular VVVF.

The new MODY thus becomes a primary tool in the modernization of existing ropeways. Lightweight, compact, easy to disassemble and reassemble, it can be applied to old systems with the sole use of an adapter plate supplied by us. It is interchangeable with our models: LEO, MODY and GEKO.

For every detail (size, performance): www.sassi.it or scan the QR code with your smartphone.