50 years together

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By Giuseppe Volpe

We publish in full the editorial written by the Director of Elevatori Magazine and published in issue 1/2022

Dear readers, of the digital or paper magazine, it seems incredible to be writing the editorial for the first 50 years of Elevatori Magazine. It is an important milestone, a long, fascinating, exciting journey. We have really come a long way together: let’s never forget that the real strength, the very essence of a magazine, is its readers. Without you, who have become so numerous since March 1972, we would not be here today to celebrate this milestone all together.

I feel I must say another thank you from the bottom of my heart to all those who, over the last 50 years, have collaborated in the creation of Elevatori Magazine, but especially to the first
‘brave’ ones. I wanted to reproduce here, within my editorial, a colophon from Elevatori dating back to 1972, so that I could remember by name and surname all those who believed in it from
the very beginning. At the time, it was not easy to embark on a publishing adventure that seemed like madness. There was no publication in the vertical transport sector, there was no cultural
exchange about the technological innovations.

This made me think that there was a need for a technical-scientific magazine that would become a point of reference in Italy. It could have been a total failure, but here we are celebrating the great work done by our magazine. Thanks to those who were there then and thanks to those who are there now, to the many experts in our sector who have believed in Elevatori Magazine and contributed, with their editorial works, to the growth of our magazine as a shared value: I feel I must name at least two people, pillars of our editorial project, Giovanni Varisco and Gina Barney.

I would like to mention just a few milestones of these 50 years, because throughout 2022 there will be opportunities to talk about our great ‘community’.

I would like to remind you that the most significant events in the Italian lift sector took place in the decade 1970-1980. In 1971 Anacam (Italian Association of Elevator Construction and Maintenance Companies) was founded; in 1972 Elevatori magazine was published; in 1981 Anica (Italian Association of Elevator Components Industries) was born.

Three strongly connected events, whose protagonists were able to demonstrate the strength of collaboration.

Elevatori immediately became the official journal of Anacam and remained so for about 10 years, always supporting the association; it then contributed to the birth of Anica, becoming its official journal and it still is. As a matter of fact, Elevatori has been at the centre of the most important aggregation events of the Italian lift sector, and not only, of the last century. And today, within a few months, Anacam and Elevatori are celebrating 50 years of activity, while Anica is celebrating its 40th anniversary.


Left: the first professionals who worked on Elevatori since 1972. Right: current Technical Committee and Editorial staff.

The history of our magazine continues, even today, under the banner of collaboration. Elevatori Magazine is in fact the official journal of I.A.E.E.

(International Association of Elevator Engineers), of O.I.T.A.F. (International Organization for Transportation by Rope), a member of VFA (Verband für Aufzugstechnik, Lift Technologies Association) and follows with constant attention all the initiatives of national and international lift associations, such as ANIE AssoAscensori, Confartigianato Ascensoristi, CNA Ascensoristi, CPI (Consorzio per l’Italia), ELA (European Lift Association), Efesme (European Federation for Elevator Small and Medium Sized Enterprises), Naec (National Association of Elevator  Contractors), China Elevator Association, NLU (National Lift Union), Seciesp (Sindicato das Empresas de Conservação, Manutenção e Instalação de Elevadores do Estado de São Paulo) and ABEEL (Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Elevadores), just to name a few.

I also remember the many companies that have been able to stand out, in Italy and worldwide, thanks to the advertising pages in Elevatori, which has thus contributed to the growth of many companies. And that makes me proud.

I also remember the great support we have given in these decades to the trade fairs, which in Elevatori have always found a crossroads of exchanges.

I also remember a key moment for our magazine: the transition to the bilingual edition. Thanks to the English language Elevatori has been able to ‘travel’ across the continents and contribute to share information at an international level.

Finally, I remember the great leap into the world of the web: the launch of the website elevatorimagazine.com, the digital version of the magazine and the content on social media.

A long journey, full of changes, while maintaining our values unchanged: competence, professionalism and respect for our readers. These will never

Translated by Paola Grassi

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